If you’re reading this, I’ll have you know that for days, I stared at a blank screen, tasked with the joyous duty of providing content to my marketing firm for the “about” section of my website. Where to start??? I was torn between providing my fellow listeners with details about the six-year old me, who’d use a candlestick as a microphone to serenade anyone who would listen, and the journey that has brought me to the here and now –  to “IRREVERENT.”


I only have so much time and the latest research tells me that if anyone has to spend more than 15 seconds reading anything, I will lose them.  I, for one, believe everything I read (ha!),  so I’m signing off since I’ve already crossed that 15-second threshold.  However, I leave you this:  “Irreverent” is a journey in and of itself, from Track 1 to Track 10.  It is a gift from God, whom without, would not have been possible. First and foremost, it rocks.  Let me remind you that GUITAR IS NOT DEAD. Say that with me one more time:  GUITAR.  IS.  NOT.  DEAD!


in this life where you have lived triumphs and possibly experienced a “rock bottom” existence, I hope with all my heart that this music will pick you up and envelope you with inspiration; that it will put some introspection back into your heart, and motivate you to be the strongest, fearless, kindest, and most bold human that you were born to be!


Shine your light,
Jodi Essex


Jodi Essex – New Single /Video “What is Your Truth” release date: May 29th, 2020

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Jodi Essex – New Single /Video “What is Your Truth” release date: May 29th, 2020

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Christian Rocker Jodi Essex

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Christian-Rock Artist Jodi Essex Releasing Breakout Single ‘Irreverent’


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“Irreverent” Boldly Invites Believers to Rebel 

After years of casually ignoring God’s prompting to create faith-based music, Christian-rock artist Jodi Essex boldly answered the call with her newly released album, “Irreverent.” Her first single, also titled “Irreverent”, was released on January 24, 2020 and is a fearless declaration which invites listeners not to rebel against God’s calling, but rather to live for Christ in an authentic way that is unapologetic to the world.

”Irreverent is the spirit in which this album was written and put out there for all to hear,” Jodi says. “It’s reveling in a rebel spirit, being fearless, courageous and bold enough to die to yourself every day, furthering the purposes of God.”

Written and recorded at Uphill Studios in Atlanta, GA alongside studio owner, producer and drummer Sean Hill (Jamie Grace, Clay Crosse, Landry Cantrell), “Irreverent” is part of a 10-song record that is both guitar-driven and melodic with lyrics that are forthright, yet introspective. Backed by an experienced team of musicians, the single features guitarist and bassist Jadan Sorenson (Angie Stone, Montell Jordan, Crystal Nicole, Sounds of Blackness, Bucky Covington), Pablo Melgar – Keys (touring with FRVR FREE; previously with New Song, Passion, Jesus Culture), Josh Smith (Strings), Jon-Paul Keller – Background Vocals (David and Nicole Binion, BJ Putnam).  It was mixed by Sean Hill and mastered by Bob Boyd (Ambient Digital, LLC).

Be sure to check out Jodi’s follow-up singles to her first single release, “Irreverent.” Currently out and available on all listening/streaming platforms, “Stand Up, “Fighter,” “Symphony” and “What Is Your Truth” are equally matched in full scale production with must-see music videos for each. The standout energy and fresh sound of her music has been making a mark, as written about in an early press review by Louder Than The Music – “From listening to the first two singles, this album is going to be something special in the Rock worship world.”