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  • Positive Rock Reviews“Unravel Review”“Essex has a presence that is absolutely dominating, and she boasts a strong range with the ability to convey emotion with her voice in a way most others cannot.”
  • Prism Reviews“Unravel” Review“Jodi means business when she sings, but does it in faith that better things are on the other side of our personal sacrifice… A powerful video and song”
  • Louder Than The Music – “Offend” Review“This edgy track is direct and strong, and sets out its stance for all to hear. “
  • Positive Rock Review – “Offend” Review“Offend’ is a straight-up hard rock track with an equally punchy message to those members of the church who choose to teach a watered-down version of the Gospel in the hopes of attracting more congregants.”
  • Worship Musician – Album Review“It’s good to find a new rock album. It’s great to find one so melodic.”
  • New Release TodayAlbum Feature“…a Christian rocker who brings encouraging and honest messages to her passionate style of rock and roll music.” https://www.newreleasetoday.com/news_detail.php?newsid=4849
  • The Rockpit – Album Review“‘Irreverent’ is full of messages that are there for those that want to hear them but it’s also an album to enjoy if you aren’t of a religious nature and that the beauty of this collection of ten tracks.  There is a nice blend of melodic & up-tempo songs which make for extremely enjoyable listening.”
  • One Man In The MiddleAlbum Review“She has a strong powerful voice that takes that hard edge required for rock, but also shows that softer gentler vocal on “Symphony”. The guitars on this album are just epic throughout and they are given time and space to really soar but never to the detriment of other things, drums and keys compliment brilliantly as well. In these tracks there are aspects of boldness of character, but also the vulnerability of mental health topics, proving that the two things aren’t mutually exclusive and that both can live alongside faith and fear when covered by grace and love. It is rare to find an artist in the Christian world that can openly sing about their faith and still be accepted by reviewers from a music, non-faith, background.”
  • Ai Love MusicReview“Jodi Essex’s take on the iconic “God Bless the USA” is dynamic, striking, and inspiring. You feel the exhilarating spirit of the song’s message in each part of the songs: from the electrifying guitar to Jodi’s passionate vocals.”
  • Louder Than The MusicAlbum Review“There is a part of Jodi’s vocals that are all swagger, and then there is a part that is raw and honest, a hard mix for any vocalist to give…” – “This album balances between rock music, big power ballads and beautiful intimate songs like ‘Weightless’. At the heart of the album is a sense of passion and even fight. You can’t listen to this Jodi Essex album and not think “right, I can change this world”. But of course the biggest draw of the album is the vocals of Jodi – this lady can really sing, and she sings from the heart. And when someone does that then you know you’re onto a winner.”
  • Music Speaks LouderAlbum Review“Irreverent” is part of a 10-song record that is both guitar-driven and melodic with lyrics that are forthright, yet introspective.”
  • Take Effect ReviewsAlbum Review“…Essex and company play with much energy and volume here, where an incendiary execution and thoughtful approach makes for a strong start to Essex’s musical career.”
  • Today’s Christian Entertainment Album Review – “…it’s pretty apparent from Jodi’s new record Irreverent that she’s here for the long run with her endearing, yet commanding vocals and of course the onslaught of guitar shredding that’s laced throughout the nearly 45 minute set.” – “Irreverent is truly a breath of fresh air and goes a long way in showing listeners that not only is rock music still alive and well, but the Rock of our lives still desires to connect with us despite the chaos surrounding us in this lost and broken world.  While Jodi Essex may not be a household name (yet), the message of hope, love and reliance on God that Irreverent carries is sure to gain attention and not only highlight her immense talent, but her heart of wanting to reach the lost with the Gospel through her music and to let people know that Jesus is alive and well and is there for those who choose to seek Him.”
  • The Vinyl ReviversAlbum Review“If you like searing guitar licks, hard thumping drums, softer insightful ballads, and the voice of a beautiful, confident women, singing her truth, then this album is for you.”
  • VacancyAlbum Review“In the most unsuspecting way, the lyrics pack a spiritual punch that beautifully reaches lovers of rock music and those who need an uplifting word.” “The album is fresh and gives a new spin to the Christian rock genre that merges the styles well with the message.”
  • 100% Rock MagazineAlbum Review“Jodi’s unapologetic faith-based approach to music is woven into the lyrics without sacrificing the rock quotient of the song.  The guitars are loud and on point while the rhythm section anchors the track under her vocals.”
  • Positive Rock ReviewAlbum Review – “…there is an undeniable modern quality to the performance and production that gives songs like the album’s title cut, “Irreverent”, a definite foothold in today’s rock world.”
  • XNOIZZ – “Fighter” – May Chartbreaker Feature “A truthful and honest artist with a great voice. This month her song ‘Fighter’ is the May Chartbreaker on XNOIZZ with Ben Smit in Holland.  A more than gifted person with a blessed attitude. Gifted with an original sound, she will find her own space in Christian Music.”Ben Smit, Programming Leader for ATOS RTV Network and the Program Producer for XNOIZZ
  • Jesus Freak Hideout – “Irreverent” – Review“Her debut single, “Irreverent,” is a hard rock song that hearkens back to the ‘80s rock and metal days of Joan Jett and Stryper, but with more of an updated sound and some cleaner production.” – “The song itself is fearless and full of attitude, as it draws inspiration from Essex’s life of rebellion; though, instead of spearheading rebellion toward God, “Irreverent” encourages the listener to rebel against the world and its Godless ways.”
  • Vacancy – “What Is Your Truth” – Feature“The song is about finding your true self and character. It’s a song that offers tough love but encourages listeners to look within themselves and to Christ.” 
  • Louder Than The Music – “Fighter” – Review“There is a part of Jodi’s vocals that is all swagger, and then there is a part that is raw and honest…”
  • Louder Than The Music – “Irreverent’ – Review – “This is classic rock at its best. Riffs, thumping drums, pounding bass and strong rock vocals and you have an amazing track.”
  • “Essex believes in helping people — almost every event to which she attaches her name is a benefit — and has a good reason for supporting organizations that share her philosophy.” – Montery Herald
  • “Love. It holds more value when given to others. For Jodi Essex, Campaign Manager for Champions of Hope – Man & Woman of The Year (MWOY), this belief is the currency behind her work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).”  -Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • “The word ‘grounded’ not only describes Jodi Essex, it perhaps explains how she was able to battle her early health struggles, which eventually became the building blocks for leading a courageous life.” -Kimberly Horg



  • July 2020 Artist of the Month for Effect Radio/CSN Network
  • May 2020 Artist of the Month for XNOIZZ
  • “Stand Up” Held One of Effect Radio’s Longest-Standing Top Positions at #11 on Listeners Top 20 Countdown (32 Weeks)
  • “Irreverent” Radio Chart Positions –
  • #19 on USA Rock Radio Category Chart
  • #37 on Rock Top 40 (BIG BIG HIT, March 30, 2020)


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