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Album Feature

“…a Christian rocker who brings encouraging and honest messages to her passionate style of rock and roll music.”

Artist Feature

Album Feature

“It’s good to find a new rock album. It’s great to find one so melodic.”

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“…truly a breath of fresh air and goes a long way in showing listeners that not only is rock music still alive and well, but the Rock of our lives still desires to connect with us despite the chaos surrounding us in this lost and broken world.”

Album Review

“This album balances between rock music, big power ballads and beautiful intimate songs like ‘Weightless’. At the heart of the album is a sense of passion and even fight. You can’t listen to this Jodi Essex album and not think “right, I can change this world”. But of course the biggest draw of the album is the vocals of Jodi – this lady can really sing, and she sings from the heart. And when someone does that then you know you’re onto a winner.”

“Irreverent” – Review

“Her debut single, “Irreverent,” is a hard rock song that hearkens back to the ‘80s rock and metal days of Joan Jett and Stryper, but with more of an updated sound and some cleaner production.” – “The song itself is fearless and full of attitude, as it draws inspiration from Essex’s life of rebellion; though, instead of spearheading rebellion toward God, “Irreverent” encourages the listener to rebel against the world and its Godless ways.”